Friday, September 10, 2010

Palin, Lindsay and Castro, the consequence of inbreeding

All the world's stupidity can be blamed on IN BREEDING!

If the Judeo-Islamic-Christian mythology of creation is true, that we all sprang from the loins of point-the-finger Adam and I-wear-the-pants Eve, then people, we have/are severely inbreeding at this point. The current human DNA strain is very dilute, explaining the cause of all our global woes, from our assault on baby seals to global warming. Think about it. I mean, we’ve tried to save humanity by mixing up the races but some folks cannot be reasoned with.

Why else would the world be dealing with a squealing soccer mom who waves at Putin from her bedroom window in Alaska while successfully challenging the US Presidency?

Or a Pastor in the abyss of middle age, threatening to burn the Islamic Holy book.

What of Fidel Castro, once a champion of liberty, tossing Cuba into Dynastic rule?

And Mormons who are quicker to accept the canoodling of young, hyperventilating females to soul-less vampires or steroid popping werewolves (i.e The Twilight Series) than allow gay marriages?

And finally, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian aka the sex tape diva trio? - Never in the history of porn have performers gained so much with so little talent. Ms. Jameson gained her notoriety for actually being good at sex.


There ain’t enough people worth two cents to rub together to make a dollar.

Can we all send a plea to the White House to continuing funding the space program? Our very survival depends on it, coz it’s time to import some lizard people or green men from Mars to mate with the human population (or just the Mormons).

People, we need to do something to upgrade the species.