Tuesday, February 1, 2011



Last year I almost lost my father. Yes, it deserves that much drama!

There is nothing like a near death experience to remind one that our parents are mortal. Once I got over the shock and pain of almost losing my father I got PISSED! I wanted to know what the hell happened! Well, I was later to find out that Dr. "Killjoy" at Aga Khan hospital had operated on my father when his sugar level was 21. And not only that, they were operating on him while he still had food in his system. Everyone knows that you are not allowed to eat 24 hours before surgery, unfortunately, no one mentioned this to my dad and no one asked him whether he had anything to eat before they skippingly wheeled him into the OR.

Of course, the stitches bust and he had to hold his entrails as they poured out of his body. If it wasn't for his spitfire of a wife, my mom, he would not have made it. She had to call the doctor at his HOME and drag his Kevorkian ass out of bed to attend to my dad! And even after all that drama, their phaqery had to be rectified by another hospital!

To add insult to injury, upon my arrival in Kenya I got some news about my former Principal and Mother’s best friend. Apparently her hysterectomy surgery went well. But 3 hours later she was dead! HOW when the surgery went well, you ask? Well, the doctors had accidentally cut her small intestines, not once but twice, resulting in a slow leak into her system killing her in her sleep. Cuts they failed to notice before stitching her up! Where did this happen? Aga Khan Hospital.

The Medical board has refused to step in and hold one of their own responsible. Will the Ministry of Health step in and do something about this hospital’s murderous record?




Here is how I have come to understand the different political cultures of this world. Let's say, hypothetically, that a Politician is caught in some sort of unethical act (I know, a stretch of the imagination) but let's just say. How do the different cultures handle this?

In America, the culprit first has a very public press conference in which he re-enforces his uber-Evangelical stance on family values by announcing his "decision" to resign from politics so he might spend more time with his family. Then he is indicted and brought before the courts of the land to face his accusers. Once found guilty, because the justice system here works (*cough*) he is sentenced to 3-5 years in a minimum to no-security prison, somewhere close to his home. 90 days into his stretch in the pen he receives a presidential pardon that miraculously coincides with his finding the ever-lost Jesus. With a book deal in hand, he is welcomed back into the bosom of society as a rehabilitated man (unless of-course he is Black and must therefore serve his entire sentence).

In Japan, everything is handled quickly and simply. Once the dishonored man is identified, he resigns swiftly and we match straight to the penalty phase. Within 24 hours the dishonored man will make time to speak words of encouragement to his children, bid farewell to his wife, dress in traditional garb and apologetically fall on his sword (unless of-course he is a wimp then someone will have to give him some lead assistance).

In Kenya, the process may not be as elaborate as the Americans or as swift as the Asians, but it is certainly the boldest. Once the graft-loving politician has been identified, the state skips over inconveniences such as indictments, commissions, tribunals, trials, the Hague, prison terms and rehabilitation straight into forgiveness and reward by promoting the said Politician.



Where In The World Is Egypt, Foxnews?

Someone please tell me this did not happen. Please. Coz nothing I say can add to this ignorance.