Monday, May 6, 2013


You know, there is nothing more nauseating than an obvious sign of low-self esteem camouflaged as "sexiness".

It is currently 66 degrees and wet in Los Angeles. I am sitting inside a very eclectic cafe in the Los Feliz hills being graced by the tight, backside of a young woman in her 30s wearing a pair of really, really, really...I mean REALLY short pink see-through shorts, a pair of lugs boots and a college jersey cut circa 1980.

Seriously, her ass is fleeing from the cold by climbing over itself, struggling to fit underneath the thin fabric. And whereas it is a beautiful ass, I can't help but wonder if she is blind, coz she clearly didn't factor the weather into her wardrobe choice.

But the best part was her little saunter into the cafe, feet on tip toes meaning booty raised the small twirl and the saunter out once she had gathered enough attention. She was in here for less than five seconds and confused traffic. Not stopped, confused it, coz even the guys were scratching their heads coz what they were looking at didn't match the weather.