Monday, March 26, 2012

Female Bondage

In light of the recent debate about birth control, abortion and all things vulva, one must conclude that the "desire" to bind, shackle and pound into submission the sinfully alluring female sexuality is still alive and well.

The power of the female sex has been and continues to be the one thing some men are incapable of understanding and therefore desire so desperately to control. That such a thing as this, "weaker" and gentler than he has the honor of bringing forth life is unfathomable. To demystify her they have buried her strength in religion, weakened her might in relationships and eviscerated her voice through out history.

And yet, without her there would be none of the great heroes whose colossal marble busts pollinate the architectural landscape of history. Without her there would be no Thutmose or Moses, no Jesus or King. Without here, there is nothing.