Saturday, December 31, 2011


You get the thinly veiled double entendre? If not, let me paint you a picture....

Batman 1-4 REBOOT!!!! Dark Knight 1-3 [A Bat mobile by any other name..]
Captain America 1-2
GI Joe 1-2
Hulk 1 REBOOT!!!! Hulk 1 [Did someone stutter?...]
Iron Man 1-3
Karate Kid 1-3 REBOOOT!!!! Karate Kid [the black version, single mom included...]
Madagascar 1-3
Paranormal Activity 1-3
Saw 1-7
Shrek 1-4
Superman 1-4. REBOOT!!! Superman 1-2 [Yawn]
Toy Story 1-3
Transformers 1-4
Thor 1-2: [Guilty Pleasure. LOVED THIS ADAPTATION. The only grown ass man you could believe wears a cape, is the one who speaks a dead version of the English language, or another language all together. Why do you think we loved the Elves in LOTR? The Elven language made you buy the pointy ears..]

Ladies and gentlemen, this is blockbusterbation...the only ones really enjoying themselves are the studios cashing in and the voyeurs who insist on watching!

Now let’s jump the pond shall we, coz this problem is a pandemic!

Jane Eyre (19 versions) [Pedophilia is disturbing to watch...]
Pride and Prejudice (11 versions) [Zombie version coming soon to a theater near you..]
The Three Musketeers (21 versions) [One of these is animated with dogs and cats...]
I could go on but I have neither the time nor desire to list all the Austen, Dumas, Dickens and Bronte film adaptations that assault us every year....and I love the classics.

COPYCATS, because some are just too impatient to read subtitles, we get the "English" version of already great foreign movies.

Brothers (A Dutch remake)
Departed, The (A Japanese remake)
Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, The (A Swedish remake)
Let Me In (A Swedish remake)
Ring, The (A Japanese remake)
The list goes on and on....

The film industry's disastrous holding pattern is now trying to drown us in the Kitty Pool. When you dive in folks take care not to bump your head. It could leave a nasty bruise.

Hansel and Gretel
Once Upon A Time
Red Riding Hood
Snow White and the huntsman
Snow White
*Beauty and the Beast [I am sure this is in the works at some major studio]
Twilight [This book, intended to promote celibacy, depicts the virgin teenage girl as the more sexual aggressive. Hmmm. And I wonder, how does a dead vampire with dead semen impregnate a living woman? And what woman wants to share their bed with a refrigerator? We are already cold at night already!]

Folks, we are stuck on stupid and someone keeps pressing the rewind button keeping us in a loop!

GIRL WITH THE WHAT? Girl, please!

Last night I was accosted at the movie theater --- BOOM! TWAFF! TING! TUNG! THWACK! TACK! PING! PING! PING! Sensory overload.

Apparently rape was the theme of David Fincher’s GWTDT ! The opening was something you would expect on Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model. Black oil slithering and pouring over white skin with weirdness…random acts of weirdness and I was lost. The book is Swedish. What about this opening was going to put me in Sweden or the story? The TONE was OFF from the first note!

Rooney Mara is about as interesting as watching paint dry and she's the lead.

And why the FUCK was Daniel Craig the only lazy actor on set? Everyone else seemed to be managing a Swedish accent except him. We are beyond blanketing the whole of Europe with a British Accent. Even Robin Wright who looked like a folded piece of leather brought a descent accent with her. So, Lisbeth was raped, she revenged, I walked out and didn’t look back.

This is Fincher having a total lack of respect for other artists. The original, SUBTITLED version was 100% better. WATCH THE ORIGINAL. Let's fund other voices.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome" by DR. JOY DEGRUY

QUOTING FROM Dr. Joy Degruy's book, "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome"

I recalled being at a local school parent's meeting where I overheard a conversation occurring between two mothers. One of the mothers was black and the other white. Their children were classmates and played sports together at school. The black mother commented on the achievements of the white mother's child, saying "Your son is really coming along."

The white mother responded with pride, "Thank you. He is quite the man. He's in the talented and gifted program here at the school, and as you know, he's playing well in little league. He has really excelled this year! He's just like his father."

The white woman went on for some time singing the praises of her child. When she finished she turned her attention to the black mother's child, remembering how exceptional he was, and said, "Your son is also doing quite well. I hear..."

Before she finished her statement the black mother, who too was clearly proud of her little boy, said, "Oh girl, he's such a mess at home. Sometimes I could just strangle him."

When we roll the scene back a few hundred years we see a slave master walking through the fields coming upon a slave woman. The slave master approaches her and her children and remarks, "Well now, that Mary of yours is really coming along."

The slave mother, terrified that the slave master may see qualities in her daughter that could merit her being raped or sold says, "Naw sir, she ain't worth nothin'. She cain't work. She stupid. She shiftless." The slave mother's denigrating statements about her daughter were spoken in an effort to dissuade the slave master from molesting or selling her, and of course, no one would fault her. Slave mothers and fathers had been belittling their children in an effort to protect them for hundreds of years. Yet what originally began as an appropriate adaptation to an oppressive and danger-filled environment has been subsequently transmitted down through generations.

While on the surface seemingly harmless, such behavior serves to both humiliate and injure the young black children of today,[...]. Sadly, neither the black mother nor her children understand the historical forces that have helped to shape her behavior. Degruy, pg 10-14

On Trauma's Effect
Perhaps the greatest impact [though], were the daily efforts of the slave owners and others in authority to break the slaves' will. Free will is at the core of being human. Can you imagine what it must be like to have your will assaulted on a daily basis? You live in a society that constantly reminds you that you are no different from livestock and in some cases less valuable. You are beaten until you call the cruelest and most vile man you know "Master". Degruy, pg 120

On Visiting South Africa,
"Did you think we would forget you? I am from Lesotho, Lesotho is my home. If I leave Lesotho, Lesotho is still my home. If I leave Lesotho for fifty years, Lesotho is still my home. You are African, 300 years from home. We mourned Martin and Malcolm with you, we are so proud of you, we just wondered when you were coming home." The tears flowed and we sung yet again. Degruy, pg. 186

A powerful book that makes me "pause" before jumping to conclusions. A MUST READ for all regardless of race.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

DID YOU KNOW I HAVE A BOOK OUT?!! Xmas gift idea..

ON THE VERGE by Peres Owino
Humorous rumblings about sex, politics, religion and all of life's shenanigans.


Barnes & Nobles

Boone Bridge Books:


I really can't stand this nuevo-ideology that Aliens built the pyramids because, apparently, we humans are too dumb to have done it. We, who are currently using only 1/3 of our brains, most of that fixated on the Kardashians like an illegal fetish, have still managed to birth the airplane, the space shuttle, the iphone, skype, the internet, google, penicillin, the test tube baby, 3D movies, the light bulb and the list goes on. If we can build a capsule that sends us into outer space, conqueror that which is beyond our earth don't you think we can figure out how to work those things that are on earth? If we can trap electricity for nightly illumination, and I am still not sure what electricity is, don't you think we can figure out how to stack large stones?

We look at the wisdom of the ancients with an awe that cripples us, prevents us from seeing the magic we create everyday. As we muse at the natural brilliance of Ancient man we fail to see that their wisdom comes from their quiet observance of nature. Their wisdom has been handed down and lie in our very DNA, the source of modern man's continual brilliance.

If we allow ourselves to be impressed with the modern inventions we've come to take for granted, then maybe we will believe enough to see how we built the pyramid.