Saturday, December 3, 2011


I really can't stand this nuevo-ideology that Aliens built the pyramids because, apparently, we humans are too dumb to have done it. We, who are currently using only 1/3 of our brains, most of that fixated on the Kardashians like an illegal fetish, have still managed to birth the airplane, the space shuttle, the iphone, skype, the internet, google, penicillin, the test tube baby, 3D movies, the light bulb and the list goes on. If we can build a capsule that sends us into outer space, conqueror that which is beyond our earth don't you think we can figure out how to work those things that are on earth? If we can trap electricity for nightly illumination, and I am still not sure what electricity is, don't you think we can figure out how to stack large stones?

We look at the wisdom of the ancients with an awe that cripples us, prevents us from seeing the magic we create everyday. As we muse at the natural brilliance of Ancient man we fail to see that their wisdom comes from their quiet observance of nature. Their wisdom has been handed down and lie in our very DNA, the source of modern man's continual brilliance.

If we allow ourselves to be impressed with the modern inventions we've come to take for granted, then maybe we will believe enough to see how we built the pyramid.

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