Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Illegal Immigration as American as Apple Pie?

So, I got to thinking about illegal immigration and racism and arrived at a very logical conclusion. Illegal immigration is as American as Apple Pie! The first coyote, English at least, was clearly Sir. Richard Grenville and the first illegal immigrant was the first passenger to disembark from either the Tiger, the Red Lion, the Roebuck, the Elizabeth or the Dorothy. Sure the need to maximize productivity ushered in the use of planes, trains and automobiles and increased the volume of humans smuggled, but the idea itself is ingrained in the nation's history.

Then comes racism, which really got entrenched in American culture during the age of indentured servitude and slavery. In a calculated attempt to stay any potential revolt from the underclass, the wealthy minority gave limited "power" to the indentured whites by having them monitor and punish the enslaved blacks. A trick that is nothing more than handing a carrot to a donkey before jumping on its back. This tactic of divide and conqueror is as old as mankind. Shoot, these days kids use it on their parents!


If you can't see that fighting over racial differences is keeping us all oppressed you are blind. If you think the founding fathers fought so every American could have a dream house encircled by a white picket fence containing 2.5 kids, 2 cars in the garage and a dog named Spot you are an idiot. And if you miss the fact that Political Correctness is nothing more than self-censorship you need to be censored.

Strange Bedfellows

Is the Republican party fucking you over? Yes. Is the Tea party threatening to tea bag? Yes. Is the Democratic party just laying down and taking it? Yes, oh yes!