Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2010: All Reproductive Organs Mutually Represented

Now, lets figure this one out together.

It is election season and all wackos are out! All reproductive organs mutually represented. Most of them are howling at the moon, some are chanting "government is incompetent, big and blotted" while running for public office.

If that is the case why shouldn't the voting public assume you, the candidate, are incompetent, big and blotted? After all you are running for a slot in government and if incompetent, big and blotted is the norm then it must inevitably be the prerequisite, no?

It must be because why would anyone spend millions of dollars to be part of an institution or organization they had little to no respect for unless they were incompetent? Wouldn't going postal be a more appropriate response?

Or maybe RESIGNING the moment one is declared the winner that way they get the point across while actually reducing the size of government AND our taxes coz that's one less person we have to pay?

Unless of course they are lying or insane or lying or unethical or yes, deceitful.

If you are going to lie your way into public office at least take the time to assume that some portion of the voting public is actually intelligent enough to sniff you out! That goes double for you, stiletto coalition. And we thought Palin was the only uterus we had to worry about. The Witch, The Gums, The Tomboy and the Wrestler are all walking in the footsteps of the Palin. Clearly the Hillary movement birthed no one.

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