Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trumping The World If It Doesn't Bern

I get sad when folks say "if not Bernie then Drumpf" coz it implies that Bernie and Donald are two faces of the same coin. Huh? It is clear there is something wrong with the Republican party, but folks, there is also something very wrong with the Democratic party. I fear the virus has spread upon us all.

‪#‎NeverHillary‬ seems to be more popular than ‪#‎NeverTrump‬ among Sanders supporters, and this immediately must make one wonder about the true beliefs of the Vermont senator’s backers. Because if they are honestly willing to consider voting for, or at the very least not voting against, an egotistical megalomaniac with no true political ideology like Drumpf, who has thrived in an environment of fear, violence, ignorance and ridicule that is of his own creation, then they should not consider themselves to be socialists.

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