Friday, March 11, 2016


So I will unapologetically be voting with my uterus, #UTERUS, because “Ute” has earned the right to be factored into this equation. She warns my gut when there's s***  up ahead and pushes the clit power button when I think I can’t go one more day. She embraces and speaks to my lover in ways only he understands inspiring him to love me even more. She gives me the power to bring forth life and the craziness to take it. She changes the size of my breasts to suit every occasion and shifts my mood every 3 weeks just to see if the people in my life are for real. She tells me when to think with my heart and when to shift to the brain. She keeps my back straight and my head held high. Ute is a BAD BITCH and she has earned the right to be factored into this crucial moment in history! #UTERUS

SHONDA endorses HRC

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