Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Post-Coital Backslide into Friendship.

Is it possible to ENJOY a passionate swapping of body fluids with another human being then swiftly regress back into the dark abyss of "just friends" where most never return?

If your answer is YES, then one of two things are true.
A) You are lying to the other human being or
B) You are lying to yourself.
Either way, you are a liar!

The swapping of body fluids is a very intimate experience. Think about it. You are taking INTO yourself fluids that have traveled through someone else entire body and been imprinted with their biological and psychological signature aka DNA. This "other" signature then merges with your own fluids to travel through your entire body altering, even if for just one nano second, your signature. That is deep. No pun intended.

Short of rape, it takes a great deal of mutual chemical stimulation and physical proximity to induce the disrobing process that allows for coitus. Both pairs of eyes must be aroused through optical stimulation, which in turn sends positive charges to the brains synapses alerting them to prepare for sexual warfare. The message gets adrenaline flowing as the heart gets over eager pumping at xxx bpm with anticipation.

Overwhelmed with euphoria, blood is expelled from the kardia traveling to the reproduction organs tenderizing the nerve endings that will be on the frontlines of the battle. The nerve endings, pregnant with blood and bursting at the linings, beg for release and nature takes over to provide repose. Disrobing quickly follows in an attempt to alleviate the sudden increase in body temperatures. The feminine legs involuntarily part to present the labia-guarded-cool-oasis that is the vagina to the overheated, taut and throbbing penis. Coitus!

So how one can believe oneself as having successful backslid from that coital experience into the black hole of “just friends” in under an hour is beyond me.

Self-deception is an annoying habit. Break it!

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  1. I promised myself I'd limit my praise to one comment, but let's be honest: this kind of effort, resulting in a high degree of word- and phrase-massaging success, deserves accolades.

    If you can't write something 1/10 as entertaining as "Post-coital...," then please click 'funny', 'interesting', or 'cool'. You know you can't...