Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good Sex

Have you ever been at the threshold of fulfillment, at that point where satisfaction was inevitable and you longed to stay there for just one second? Oh, the pleasure that comes with the realization that the person inside you, the woman engulfing you knows EXACTLY what it takes to bring you to the door of heaven (to quote a cliché). There is much to be said about good sex but more about a good sex partner. And by good partner I mean a playmate who takes the time to distinguish between who you think you are and who you really are. Basically, one who helps you unlock the nymph inside you. 

See, too many people are deceived by first impressions which, in my opinion, are nothing more than external projections of an internal need for self-protection. First impressions cannot portray the whole nature of a person, yet we try to maintain these false identities in intimate relationships.  Basing ones understanding of a partner on that first impression is self-delusion at best. Everyone knows that making a good first impression, not necessarily an honest one, increases your chances of getting what you want. Meaning that in that initial contact you intention is not to be known or to know the other person, but to get something from them that will fulfill that longing within you.  This leaves both parties deceived and deceiving.  This impression is almost impossible to maintain because it is you off balance.

But life has a way of restoring balance, doesn't it? In little over 6 months the whole you begins to emerge out of its forced  hibernation, unless of course you are a sociopath then 6 hours is your limit. The curtain is pulled back and the partner realizes that he/she does not really know you. All those logical questions that were stored away to make room for self-deception leap into the forefront of the medula oblangata and maximum pissery ensues. What was once cute is now an impetus for every fight. The late nights at the office, once symptoms of an industrious and ambitious nature are now seen as signs of stolen moments of infidelity with Tabitha the intern. The little snore right before she falls asleep, once looked upon as a cute trait is now scorned as an upper-lip-hair-like unfeminine quality.   

 At this point we can safely say the relationship is on a downward spiral unless you reveal who you really are. It is never too late to introduce your mate to the freak within.  "Hey Heather, how about some hot wax and mittens?"  Sure, she may be shocked at first but give her time to sit with the idea. She may surprise you. Or "hey Adam, can you bend over? I'd like to see if this fits." Yup, expect him to be a bit suspicious and slightly apprehensive but if you keep whispering sweet nothings in his ears, he is bound to break. If that doesn't do the trick, nothing works better than nagging. Now, in revealing yourself you might get rejected, but that is a cheap price to pay for self-actualization. If they call you a freak, move on. It is better to be alone than in the company of someone who wants you to hide who you are or who you don't trust enough to fully express yourself. 

As for the sociopaths out there, please, keep your true selves to yourselves. 

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