Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why Care How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes When The Rabbit Is Dead?

Okay, I have literally just returned from a Town Hall Meeting in Sherman Oaks, CA. Well, if I am to be 100% honest let me call it what it was, a Town Hall Brawl. Most of the people in the room were north of 40 years old, white and male, but I figured I could take them. Hey, I have no problem dropkicking grandpa in self-defense.  

Nose tipped and glad to be a Negro rep, I made my way towards the Performing Arts Center of some high school whose name I don't care to remember. It was not until I reached the steps that I realized I was heading in the direction of some shit. To step into or not to step into…hmmm tough choice. I decided to step and low and behold a skinny gentleman, probably Latino - but this being America he could be an amalgamation of any of the four major races - handed me a magazine with the face of Barack Obama adorned with a Hitler moustache. Yes, Papi had that much cajones! THEY figured a "minority" handing out controversial pamphlets about a "minority" president to other "minorities" is less likely to encounter a fist in face or foot in ass response because we are both "minorities". THEY were right. Don't you just hate it when THEY are right? See the way I saw it I had a bigger battle to fight so slugging it out with the idiot would have only affected MY credibility. I took the pamphlet, smiled and went inside. 

The room was packed! I mean it was so packed people were sitting in the aisles and on the stage behind the Congressman. Once the floor was opened for questions the Old Western unruly cowboy mentality that pissed off every Clint Eastwood character from “A Fistful of Dollars” to “Unforgiven” reared its ugly head. The only differences were these guys were neither in a saloon nor inebriated. With the shoe-size attitude came shoe-size questions and reasoning. Logic was officially replaced with emotion and folks were throwing out the baby with the bath water. “Personal liberty”, a fundamental right that Americans clutch on to like bad teeth and braces was violated once every ten seconds. Anyone who asked a question that someone in the hall opposed was booed. Some folks were booed just for something to do. There were times when six people were talking at the same time one was confused as to whether they were assisting the Congressman answer the question asked or just suffering from a severe case of verbal diarrhea. I mean shit was everywhere and it stunk to high heaven.  

Then came the true weakest link, the possible missing link between man and ape. This young man asked the one question that seems to have more lives than a cat, the President’s citizenship. Immigration 101 – If you are born in the United States or BORN TO A U.S. CITIZEN who meets certain requirements, YOU ARE BORN A U.S. CITIZEN! This information is not hard to find, just go here - - like I did. Next question PLEASE! And not a moment too soon.  

An angrier, older male made his way to the microphone and begun to read a speech attacking Barack Obama’s Healthcare Bill. HALT!!! If you missed it stop reading right now and delete my name from you page. Here is a video you should be very familiar with? Let me summarize, when an issue such as Healthcare reaches critical mass (i.e. enough people are pissed off), a member of Congress or the President can decide to take on that issue and make legal changes. First, a committee is formed in Capitol Hill (Legislative Branch) to tackle the issue and they generate a bill. Once in agreement it moves to the HOR. If passed, it moves to the Senate. If passed, it gets to the President’s desk (Executive Branch). If he doesn’t like it, the bill gets a veto and the process begins all over again. If he likes it, it becomes law and the responsibility of the Executive Branch to enforce the law. Once a bill becomes law it is the job of courts (Judicial Branch) to make sure it is upheld. See how that works? The President does not generate bills he can only sign them into law. If you hate the direction a bill is heading…guess who you need to fire? Exactly, your Congressman or woman.  

People, the answers are out there and easily accessible. There is no sense, literally, in getting emotionally wrapped up in the wrong information. You have to learn how the system works in order to fix the broken parts. Otherwise you might just pull out the bolt that’s holding this fucker together then what do you have? Stop choking on your own ignorance, it is an ugly way to die.

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