Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Lost Art of Courtesy

After the overwhelming feeling of committing murder subsided I wondered why it was so easy to envision bringing another person’s life to a swift end. Then I realized that deep down I didn’t really feel this person worthy of my time. Some where in me courtesy had taken over and found itself constantly fighting feelings of loathing towards this person. And that made me wonder, if we never needed anyone else, if man was inherently asexual, would we care to love? Would we care enough to indulge the ridiculous whims of those we claim to live for?

Apart from that, do we really need or have we be conditioned to believe that we do? I mean, a child who grows up seeing nothing but humans kissing and mating grows up believing it to be the norm. With equal certainty, a child who grows up with the opposite becomes the opposite, making us nothing more than a reflection of that which we see everyday. But if you start from the point where that which is seen is not necessarily true then we are clearly fucked! Coz heaven forbid if the John Wayne Gasey’s of the world are actually natures possibility and not the alternative.

What does this have to do with the lost art of courtesy? Nothing, but isn’t this a far better topic of discussion than the demise of chivalry? 

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