Saturday, November 21, 2009

How I Found God In Surrender

An empty heart is the most filled for it is in this nothingness that all is allowed to be. Here, in the breath of death, is life unimaginable for all things tangible and factual are lost and reason has no room. Here, in this place that only the soul can whisper truth, is the eternal and ever powerful breath of God. Here, after my heart has cried its last and first tear, I can sit in an emptiness where pain and joy collided to teach me something more painful than joy and more joyful than pain. Here, nothing is mention and all is. Here, all is allowed to exist and all is neither good nor bad. Here, in the place of surrender, I am honored to touch the heart of God. Here, in this place of surrender I watch the earth in play, I watch you and I pass each other. Here, in surrender I watch time fade and present be. Here, nothing is and all is. Here, all is because I am. Here, I am taking a walk. Here, I learned that without surrender comes ownership and with that comes suffering. 


It is in this place of blissful surrender that all things are allowed to flow through me for I have found my place in the grand plan of the universe. In this place of complete surrender I am so immersed in Godness that God neither ends nor I begin. We flow as one and I become the vessel for the spirit. It is in this place of surrender that all needs to control break in the wind and all is dialogue of being. I converse with the wind and give it room to be just as I am. It is in this spirit dialogue that I commune with pain and watch it be through me without judgment. It is in this place of surrender that anger is and joy is and all is because CHANGE is. In this state of complete wakefulness, possession dies, joy is surrendered, pain is surrendered and there is no more need to own anything.

Surrender. Surrender. Surrender. Surrender. Surrender. Surrender. Surrender. How does it look? It is being in a state of wholeness by having nothing.  To be wholy empty is to be. To give back to the force that is the core of all things.  To notice that which is passing through, to have a dialogue allowing it to be and then watch it bring clarity. Judging nothing leaves me unjudged.


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