Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Neo-Middle Passage

I just had a profound and yet disturbing thought. College, my friends, is the new middle passage. Here is where they finally break that “adolescent” yearning for autonomy and individuality by sending you to an institution of YOUR choice, to pick the industry YOU would prefer being enslaved by. But giving YOU the choice is nothing more than a jedi mind trick so you get to bare the blame when you realize your life sucks. After all YOU made the choice - in a system that actually has no choices. Whoever designed this system are geniuses.

The kicker is that they got you to believe the system has a choice so you can feel some sense of power and authorship over your life. But let me ask you this, did you ever consider living in the jungle? See, if we really HAD a choice the jungle would have been a viable option after high school. And, to make sure you never change your mind and actually head off to the jungle they issue you your first CREDIT CARD. Yay, now you are really screwed!  

But look on the bright side, you have a college degree and boy are you proud of it. You worked hard for that Doctorate in Bulls*#t and Masters in Hogwash. 18 credits per semester, 6 months as an intern (unpaid slave “paying” their dues), 2 years of residency and 3 attempts at the bar exam. Nose tipped up to the world, a piece of paper hanging on the wall of your $1,250/month studio apartment, you proclaim “I am a college graduate, dammit!” But the truth behind your words is that you are now qualified to regurgitate the thoughts and ideas of the puppet masters.  

All this has got me mightily pissed! I am an artist, but from 9am - 5pm I am looking over invoices and purchase orders just to pay my bills. By the time the evening bell tolls I’m too tired to be of any use to MYSELF. And that is the point of the system, to get us so exhausted that we can’t think beyond the system. We are so busy toiling, our spirits broken to the point where TiVo is our only fix. I mean, you can’t go a day without your favourite show. They pull on those heart strings and get you to feel because you have to be numb all day to swallow the lie of the system. Everything, everything has been set up for us to believe that this is how it should be, that this is life. F*$# THAT!!

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