Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some kind of suicide

At night, I rise and go up to my roof. It is cold and I am naked. I raise my arms and embrace the moon before I jump. Always before I jump into the clear blue swimming pool with he surface lights reflected on the floor. I dance through beads of sapphires and diamonds, ivory marble caressing my ebony shell. It is cold and I long for warmth.  The night air sweeps across my open back and I let myself sink into the abyss. The very life in me is snuffed out and tender longings that embraced my heart seem no more than whispers in the wind. 

Promises that were made by men of low virtue a long time ago break free from my heart, freeing my soul. I inhale the breath of this death in my quest for life and hope that God will count my tears. This is the end of the beginning of the end. All efforts to remain sane are cast into the waters of uncertainty. Lets see what gift fortune drifts my way. 

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